Wednesday 30 March 2022

What's new and trying to survive after Covid lockdowns deviating my finances

I no longer making films but I do need to make some money. So far in 2022 I have made $38 from taking some scrap metal in and that's nowere near what I need to live on. I need to pay my car insurance $1200 and I need to buy gas to get around to find work.  Also my season campsite where I live for the summer months $3000. Money for food would also help. 

As I'm not looking for hand outs, I'm going to start offering autographed, limited photo quality 24" x 36" movie poster prints for $100 canadain. It includes world wide shipping. If your a true fan of my volunteer work and the films I use to make you can help me get back on my finacal feet again by buying a poster.  I may also start sell autographed 8x12 photo prints of my best photography. What are your thoughts? Please post your thoughts in the comments below or please feel free to email me Thank you for your support. 

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