Tuesday 28 May 2024

Hey What's up?

I have found myself in my same old loop. I work so hard and spend so much time trying to get films completed that I completely stress myself out when something goes wrong. My blood pressure is well into the two hundreds. The hospital staff was quite shocked. They would not tell me what it is. I guess they where surprised I was still up walking. 
Anyway for personal health reasons I must stop making films now. I retired from my super stressful job a while back so no income hasn't helped. It's time for someone else to take up the Indy film business. It's been grand and worked with alot of amazing people. But I'm just too old to carry on..I need to focus on caring for my elderly mom. There is not too many years left. Hopefully 15 to 20 but it's not realistic. 

Currently I'm rewriting Living off the Land. I have two actors counting on me and we shall see how it goes. This will be my last production unless some crazy Hollywood guy with big bucks want to pay me to make a film. Although I don't think money will help my stress level as to how hard I push myself to get a film done.  
 See I desided to closed down soon and I'm right back at trying to figure out how to make a film. I'm hopeless 

changing things up

I'm really not happy with the Living off the Land film script. The time is all wrong. The audience retention is off. I did write it in grade five and it was a challenge to rewrite it to this point. 
Changing up my YouTube channel. There is a bunch of old outdated videos that no one watches. I'm wondering if they are messing up YouTube promotions computer. Made if I cut down on dead videos the channel will do better. 

Thursday 23 May 2024

Go Fund Me fundraisers are closed

 I deleted the go fund me fundraisers.  I have closed the account and Go Fund Me assure me that the three donations we got will be refunded to the people who donated. We would need to get very close to the fund requested to make it worth while as fees and so much paper work is involved. It just didn't pan out like we had hoped. A great big thank you to the three people who did try to help out. 

Zombie Zone 82 is Cancelled

It's with great sadness that  Zombie Zone 82 is cancelled. There is just not enough donations and we can't fill the cast. It's must be making a film about a virus turning people into zombies is too close to the covid shut downs. We need more time for people to heal from the tragic loss of life to careless people in labs. I guess they didn't read the comic books from the 50s to 70s or watch any of the super hero films. 

I can still make Ghost of Thunder Lake and living off the land. 

Saturday 18 May 2024


The last few days I have been doing yard work at the house and cleaning out sheds. All the film props, camera gear and so on have been piled in sheds for the past few years. 14 years to be more accurate when I ran out of money to pay the rent on the film studio.  
I'm currently finding up everything I have set aside for Zombie Zone 82 and Living off the Land.  Michael is footing the bill for everything we don't have and the list is not short. I will be posting some pictures of how much stuff is needed to make a feature film..

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Production Updates

I gave Madison and Trace the living off the Lande film script.  They are reading it to see if they think we should add something. We started working on film dates and locations.
The Zombie Zone 82 script secound draft is now done. Once I finish casting the film I will have to do one more pass on the script to tweek it for the actors.
Today as it's not raining I'm going to start the long process of digging all the film props and wardrobe I have out. There is no money to add or replace wardrobe so I have to use what I have.
I'm going to also make some more actor introduction slash update videos this week if I can set up a time to film them. 

Tuesday 7 May 2024

Lots of irons in the fire.

 Hi Everyone, it's been a very busy few days. I now have the Living off the Land film script ready to hand over to Trace and Madison. They are going to give it a read and possibly have a few ideas to add in. 

We are casting 30 to 40 boys and girls for the public pool scenes in Living off the land. If anyone is interested in their child age 9 to 14 being a back ground actor for and hour or two, please contact me. They will just be playing and making lots of noise, splashing about. Must be able to swim.

Zombie Land is going strong as we gear up to production start. We are still short boys age 10 to 12 so if your son likes to swim, jump off swim platform, get chased by zombies or wants to be a zombie this is the project for you. I'm calling it a Zombedy. As its a comedy slash zombie film for kids.

Canadian residence really need to step up and help out with the donations. It would be very helpful as I don't want to disappoint the young actors.

Monday 29 April 2024

Zombie film

I made a lot of progress on the Zombie Zone 82 rewrites tonight. I just need to finish casting the film to assign actors to roles. That and write the last 15 pages of ending. 

Sunday 28 April 2024

What am I working on today?

I'm working on finding actors. Working on the Zombie Zone 82 script. Working on scheduling actor fundraiser videos. Working on fundraising ideas. We really need to raise the money to make the films. I have run out of personal items to sell. 
Also we may start a new website even though I think it's just a waist of money.
Working on getting ads on my blog here. I need to get more views and subscribers.  I will need to add way more content to do that I think.

So main get goals, fundraising, casting and scripts ready to film.  Lots to do.

Friday 26 April 2024

First Draft Complete

I just finished the first draft script of Living off the Land. The script is based off a film idea I wrote in grade 5 way back in 78 or 79. I can't remember if I wrote in the fall or winter .
Anyway I'm super happy with the way it turned out. I'm going to give it a third pass then send it off to Trace and Madison for review. They can add their thoughts on stuff we could add. 
It's a super cool 78 style film script. It's going to make an awesome film. Possibly film festival worthy. We shall see how filming goes.  
Please support the actors and the film project by making a contribution to the Gon fund me. Thank you for your support.

Great Big Thank you

A great big thank you goes out to Wayne for kicking off the Go Fund Me for Zombie Zone 82.  Hopefully we can put a good size dent in both fundraisers before July. We need the money before filming starts. The actors have very busy schedules and we only have them booked for a very short amount of time. 

Tuesday 16 April 2024

Filming new update videos

I'm very excited to have some dates locked in for filming new update videos with Madison and Trace. The guys are super excited to be working on the film and hopefully there are some people out there that are interested in helping out with the cost of the film. you get your name listed in the ending credits of the film under Special Thanks.

Sadly YouTube funds don't cover the cost of film production.  A great big thank you all the new subscribers. We got the YouTube money up from $100 every 2.5 years to $100 every 12 months.  
The feature film project that Madison and Trace are starring in will cost about $5000. I have already started cutting stuff out to cut costs. I have the budget down to $3500.

Thursday 14 March 2024

Its a rainy day.

It's a rainy March Break day so I'm getting back to script writing. Today I'm working on Madison Williams  and Trace Trace film. We will be doing an update video one day after March Break and we will be doing a one hour fundraiser live chat to hopefully make enough money to make the film. 

I'm planning some rewrites for the Zombie Zone 82 film. I will start working on the script again soon. 

We have Ezra, Wynston, Neo Briski, Conan Bauer, Sydney Heasman, Trace Savage and 20 boys yet to cast.

I have to look into making Ghost of Thunder Lake if I can find the casting members for it. If not I will push it to next summer. 

The U12 Divers film has done very well on YouTube the first few weeks. Hopefully it goes viral. 

Thank you to all the new subscribers. It helps out 100% with the channel.  we have all moved the YouTube money from $100 every 2.5 years to $100 every 12 months. Hopefully we can get that number up higher and higher. All the YouTube ad revenue goes into future film projects. 

I'm going to try and make this years films as cheap as possible. but Zombie Zone is coming in around $4000,  Ghost of thunder lake is currently looking like $6000 and Madison's movie is still in the $5000 range. That's a lot of money to raise. If you like the films we make please consider making a contribution.  Buy Sterling a Coffee.  Buy the cast lunch. Possibly donate $10 that you didn't spend on a theater ticket to see the film we posted for free. I will post your name in the films ending credits under Special Thanks. 

Fan Mail can be sent to: Sterling Johnston Box 96, Alma, Ontario Canada, N0B 1A0  Who knows maybe we will open fan mail in a live stream. 

Thursday 15 February 2024

new wardrobe for film projects

If anyone is interested in helping out for this summers film projects we could use some new 80s shorts for the film projects. I have a few large cast projects where we need about 150 pairs. They can be found on eBay. We need size 24/26 and 26/28. 28/30  eBay shorts link
Any colour combination is good. red white black, green and so on. You get the idea. 
Also boys Levi's regular fit sizes 10,12,14 paints 80s three stripe track paints. 80s boys t shirts and so on. We will put your name in the ending credits. If you are not sure if we can use them or not please feel free to email me sterlingjohnstonfilms@gmail com 
You can send fan mail and gifts to, 
Sterling Johnston Films
Box 96, Alma, Ontario 
N0B 1A0

Sunday 4 February 2024

Website update

I'm thinking websites are going the way of the dinosaurs and their a waste of money. Everyone uses apps now days or Facebook pages or just the YouTube channel.  Yep so Im not going to build a new website. Don't really need one.  I have my blog for additional information and people can visit any time they want. 

Tuesday 16 January 2024

New films in 2024

The reality is that I don't have any money to spend on new films. My plan is to make one or two films this summer when the actors have time.  
I'm going to see about setting up an introductory video for Trace. He's a good kid with amazing natural acting talent.  The question is who is going to be his co star.  

Saturday 13 January 2024

Diving film on Youtube

I'm looking at a possible date of Feb 9 to post the Diving film on Youtube.  I should edit a film trailer and post it.  I'm hoping to get 100,000 views the first week.  I was hoping for that with Greg's treasure map but it's been months and we just got past the 4,400 mark. The film is picking up as the word gets out that it's a good film. 

Tuesday 2 January 2024


Well it's 2024 and a new year of film production. I'm just going to try and make as many films as I can. We will be posting update videos as we will film them. I still have my website off line as I'm looking for new web hosting and the money to cover the cost. I just gotta find something around the house here to sell.   

Tuesday 26 December 2023

old Sony x160

Hey everyone. I'm wondering if anyone has an old Sony PXW X160 camera kickingbaround that they would be willing to donate. If you do please send it to Sterling Johnston Films Box 96, Alma, Ontario Canada.