Thursday 6 June 2024

Looking back

Looking back at all the films I have made and all the great people I have meet, it was an amazing 41 years.  I would love to keep moving forward but it's like they say, life happens when you are making other plans. I didn't pay attention to how much money I was spending on films that would never make a return. 

Sunday 2 June 2024


I'm not finding any reason to keep my YouTube channel.  YouTube is just a big tease about making money. $100 a year just doesn't cover the cost of new productions. We don't have enough subscribers to generate interest from companys looking to advertise in our videos. 
Film making is a team effort. So I say we or our. 
I am strongly leaning towards deleting the account. 

Wednesday 29 May 2024

Stress free

It is so nice to be stress free. Soon life will get boring but if I know me I will start planning the next film. I know a guy that knows a guy. But I know a Mayor of a town that could roll out the red carpet with free film primits to close down streets and parks. First rate filming location at my finger tips. Humm what film to make.

just cancelled

I just cancelled all film projects for this year and my stress level has dropped dramatically. Such a wait off my shoulders. I still feel like crap but at least I can breath. Maybe I just need to take a year off. 

Thursday 23 May 2024

Go Fund Me fundraisers are closed

 I deleted the go fund me fundraisers.  I have closed the account and Go Fund Me assure me that the three donations we got will be refunded to the people who donated. We would need to get very close to the fund requested to make it worth while as fees and so much paper work is involved. It just didn't pan out like we had hoped. A great big thank you to the three people who did try to help out. 

Zombie Zone 82 is Cancelled

It's with great sadness that  Zombie Zone 82 is cancelled. There is just not enough donations and we can't fill the cast. It's must be making a film about a virus turning people into zombies is too close to the covid shut downs. We need more time for people to heal from the tragic loss of life to careless people in labs. I guess they didn't read the comic books from the 50s to 70s or watch any of the super hero films. 

I can still make Ghost of Thunder Lake and living off the land. 

Sunday 4 February 2024

Website update

I'm thinking websites are going the way of the dinosaurs and their a waste of money. Everyone uses apps now days or Facebook pages or just the YouTube channel.  Yep so Im not going to build a new website. Don't really need one.  I have my blog for additional information and people can visit any time they want. 

Saturday 25 November 2023

Casting Calls

We have a casting call for a Boy age 9 to 11 for a feature film project filming summer 2022

Must have camping, fishing, canoning, swimming skills. A general intrest in nature. No acting exsperiance required. just a commitment to finishing the film project once started. A parent or parent apportinted guardian must be on location. If you would like to set up an audittion or a meeting to talk about the project, please eamil Director Sterling Johnston at

Wednesday 30 March 2022

What's new and trying to survive after Covid lockdowns deviating my finances

I no longer making films but I do need to make some money. So far in 2022 I have made $38 from taking some scrap metal in and that's nowere near what I need to live on. I need to pay my car insurance $1200 and I need to buy gas to get around to find work.  Also my season campsite where I live for the summer months $3000. Money for food would also help. 

As I'm not looking for hand outs, I'm going to start offering autographed, limited photo quality 24" x 36" movie poster prints for $100 canadain. It includes world wide shipping. If your a true fan of my volunteer work and the films I use to make you can help me get back on my finacal feet again by buying a poster.  I may also start sell autographed 8x12 photo prints of my best photography. What are your thoughts? Please post your thoughts in the comments below or please feel free to email me Thank you for your support.