Saturday, 25 December 2021

Starting a new?

I'm thinking about starting a Patreon type service on my website. People can make monthly contrbutions to help fund new films projects and pay over head costs. What are your thoughts? Please coment below.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

U12 boys diving film

The U12 boys diving film is still canceld and we have no plans to make it in the future. It takes years for people to learn how to dive and it costs a huge amount of money for the lessons. The pool rental fees for filming locations are too high. The film would cost more tan $100,000 to make and if I had that kind of money I would see about buying a house to live in. I do not forsee us looking into making the film anyfurther. As of today I'm still retired form film making but thinking about gettig Gregs Treasure Map made just becuase i dislike not finishing projects. I may or may not be writing and directing a large cast film this summer. Some else is producing it, maybe. Things are very much up in the air as the new Covid problem lands in Canada.