Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Free Boat for $1

I'm working on a deal for a free boat for being the hearo boat in Greg's Treasure Map.It's a boat that requires alot of work but thats nothing new to me. I need to find a free motor that runs and outdrive for it. Also need to rig up steering system. I have had a line on a few other free boats with the parts I need so hopefully that works out. The trailer does not come with the boat so I will need to build a boat trailer as well. At some point I will need to dump some money into the boat to finish it off. I will post some videos on the boat build soon. It's the stuff one has to doto get a film made when you don't have any moeny. More time, more work but that's just fine with me as we are in Covid Lockdowns agian.

1 comment:

  1. I picked up the boat and it needs a lot of work as it was scrapped. Needs a motor outdrive and everything needed to make it run. It has two big hooks in the hull so it will most likely need new floors and stringers. We will see if we can save it and if not it will cost me about $200 in land fill fees to get rid of it.