Thursday, 9 September 2021

New Camera Good news

Hi Everyone, Good news, we have the use of a new 4K video camera for making films. Its not ours but we can use it whenever we need it and its free. I'm going to start working on buyng a computer that can edit 4K video in a feature langht format. The paln is to film Greg's Treasure Map in July 2022. Then post it on YouTube like other youtubers do. I'm hoping people suport the channel and make monthly donations or contrbutions like people do for other youtubers. I do need to make a paycheck this time aroud. I like volinteering my time and helping the kids but im now flat broke and the goverment doesnt let people live without paying huge taxs. I will be making up two budgets for Gregs Treasure Map. Here is a quick Guess. 4 actors 100 hours each actor times min wage $15 and hour.100 x 15= $1500 times four actors. $6000 Then I need at least min wage $15 times four months 40 hours a week x 4 four weeks x 4 months x 15= $9600. Production vehical gas, plus location fees, plus props, sets, basic set food. ???? I will work on the budget in more detail and I will make one where everyone volinteers their time. Below is a few photos from location scouting trip we took a few weeks ago. Its a perfet location for 1/3 of the film. This locaion scouting trip cost close to $300 Canadian.

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