Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Web address and stuff

I finally got the web address set up to redirect to this blog. It's a free way to have a website so people can keep up today with whats going on. The U12 Boys diving film will have to be pushed into 2024 or 2026 as the actors requie one to 2 full years of lessons to learn how to dive. Cocid keeps intorupiting the lessons by closing down the pools. I still have no found a company of group to produce the flm at tis point. All other productions are on hold or cancield. Sterling Productions is history do to Covid sut downs. It owes about $6200 in private loans for fundraising short falls on past productions. They will need to be cleared up as soon as possible. Maybe once I get my personal finacal problems fixed i can cover the lones. Please contact me if you would like to help bail me out on the lones front. There is a guy intrested in starting a new production company but he wants to waite until the world gets back to normal in a year or two.

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