Greg's Treasure Map

This is a feature film production that we are filming in May and June 2018. The plan is to have it completed for Nov 1 2018. It will be rated G or PG when finished.

Its a a youth action, adventure, comedy with a little mystery thrown in for good measure.

Pleas make a donation to the film project so we can make it the best productions we can make. It does cost a huge amount of money to make a feature film of this size.

Casting Call for boys age 10 to 14.

Must have good swimming skills.
Must be able to ride a bike.
Must commit to finishing the project once started.

It's 1985, Greg finds a treasure map inside a jar he bought at a lawn sale and his friends decide they should go look for it. Each boy has a skill required to unlock the coded map.

Greg age 12 is athletic and has good swimming skills. he is just an average kid that spends most of his summer biking around the city with his friends.

Ben age 12 is always looking for the next adventure that might get him grounded. he has good biking and swimming skills.

Christopher who is an only child follows Ben and Greg everywhere and thinks of them as his brothers. He has good biking skills and swims like a fish.

Robert age 14 is Greg's older brother. He is always trying to get Greg to do his chores for him so he can take the boat out water skiing with his friends. Robert has a boat operator license and is a really good swimmer.

Filming commitment is ten, eight hour days in early May / June 2018 depending on actor availability. Filming locations are in Guelph and Fergus / Elora area.

Please send head hot and resume to Director

Our target audience is age 8 to 16. Grown ups my like the films but they we never written or designed for people over the age of 16

My films are rated by the Ontario Film Review Board. For more information on film ratings please see their website.

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