Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Web address and stuff

I finally got the web address set up to redirect to this blog. It's a free way to have a website so people can keep up today with whats going on. The U12 Boys diving film will have to be pushed into 2024 or 2026 as the actors requie one to 2 full years of lessons to learn how to dive. Cocid keeps intorupiting the lessons by closing down the pools. I still have no found a company of group to produce the flm at tis point. All other productions are on hold or cancield. Sterling Productions is history do to Covid sut downs. It owes about $6200 in private loans for fundraising short falls on past productions. They will need to be cleared up as soon as possible. Maybe once I get my personal finacal problems fixed i can cover the lones. Please contact me if you would like to help bail me out on the lones front. There is a guy intrested in starting a new production company but he wants to waite until the world gets back to normal in a year or two.

Tuesday, 2 February 2021


Hi Everyone, I have retired from making films. It was a lot of fun helping parents help their kids. Some parents had spent upwards of $32,000 on headshots and acting lessons but their actors didnt get any adutions booked. It was clear that they just needed some pratical experiance on their CV to land agents; audition and eventualy work. Thats where my film making hobby came in. With the help of some people kicking in a few bucks to help cover the cost of making films we made quite a few productions for next to no money. I paid the outstanding balane of trying to get the films completed. My number one rule was safty, then completion. Becuse if your not going to complete a porject then why start it. I wrote the scripts custom talered to making the actors look as good as possible. Much like a block buster Hollywood film. I cast the film, meet the actors then write the script. The parents offent thanked me for helping them and remarked how great it was to meet other parents who also had kids intrested in acting. Many actors moved onto film industry work and other found that acting was not their cup of tea. This freed them up to follow other intrests. Everyone that worked on the film projects was a voliteer. The films where never ment to make money so they didn't. Money was not a goal. Finding actors work was. Also the films were never made for grown ups. The target aduiance was the actors age 8 to 14. Something they would be proud to show ther freinds. A great big thank you goes out to all the supports and parents. We made a huge positive differnce in so many lives over the years.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Hey new location and its free!

Hey everyone. I can't afford to pay for the webhosting anymore as I wouldnt be cloectiong donations as I have retired form making films. But the fans floating around out there can still keep up with what im doing now days, All that palnning jst to have it canceiled do to Covid locks downs really took it toll on my stress levels. Constanly wiating waiting and waiting is just too much. my stress levels were just way too high to funtion. i did a huge house cleaning of my online stuff. It feels so good to bring the amount of stuff to mange to a size thats managible. It was kind of a waset have people spread all over the place. Now everyone is centerly located. I'm going to live a sympler life for a while.