Friday, 29 July 2022

the cave film set

Just working away on the film set today. I'm a few hundred hours into it now. Should be finished soon.. yep just wish I had a few thousand more to build it bigger  but it is what it is and I will do what I can do.

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Started work on Ghost of Thunder Lake

we have three of the four cast mambers needed to film Ghost of Thunder Lake. Filming starts in August. That's right I'm filming two feature films back to back this summer. Then I will be editing like a mad man to have them finished before Halloween. to save money and time Im reusing the props and locations from Grge's Treasure Map for Ghost of Thunder Lake. We have amazing group of young actors lined up and Ireally dont want to disapoing them. The films mst be completed.

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Greg's Treasure Map update

I have been doing casting calls and interviewing actors. Greg's Treasure Map is now fully cast.  
Three of the four lead actors for Ghost of Thunder Last have been cast.
I have filmed a bunch of promo videos for the film and actors. 
The underwater cave set is past the 55% finished zone and will be ready for filming the first week. 
The sail boat is working fine. I need to do a repaint yet. Hopefully tomorrow. 
The camera boat still needs a replacement motor. I got one but that motor was cracked as well.  I guess it will be thrid times the charm. 

Friday, 24 June 2022

Greg's Map

Things are going well at the moment. we have the man cast and are casting some smaller roles. We have also teamed up with some War of 1812 re enactors for the opening of the film. two big problems I am working on is 5000 gallons of water for the underwater cave film set. The cost is around $750 to have the water trucked in. The other is just running out of money fast. please swing by and help get the film made by sponsoring the production. Yep thats right I am rebranding as there is a ton of Sterling Production websites sites out there. People keep emailing the wrong people thinking its me they are emailing. but its not. the rebrand will fix that problem.

Friday, 17 June 2022

One wet Camera

Back in 2020 I went for a swim with the broadcast camera Sony PXW X160. It was on and under water for 40 secounds or more.
I was toast.
I thought well I have nothing to lose so I air dried it with a fan for a week then placed it in a bag of rice for one year.
the camera does work as long as I dont change any setting. The lens has mold growning around the inside of the camera lens. when its on and gets warm there is a strong smell of fish or seaweed thats coming out of the cooling fan. I have no choice but to film Greg's Treasure Map with it. Fingers crossed it stay working until the film is completed. A replacement camera would cost around $6000 Canadian and thats just not doable.

We have three so far.

We have 3 actors lined up for Greg's treasure Map at this point. We have two more lined up for auditions. I'm rewriting the script to cut the budget down to $2000 but with todays prices it may hit $4000 very easly. I have put in mosion building the under water cave set and will have some updates on that soon. I'm trying to find a boat as the Boat Mike bought last winter has a bad motor. The motor does run like the guy said but it also fills the inter block with water. it needs a compllet rebuild so I'm working on buying a small sail boat for $600.

Monday, 6 June 2022

Greg's Map?

We are looking into the possibility of making Greg's Treasure Map this summer. It really depends on if we can find actors, props and locations.  

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Covid and film production

Covid is still very much on actors parents mineds. I did a two month casting call for the large cast film this summer but only had one actor interested.  All the local summer camps are advertising like crazy so I'm guessing they are having problems finding guests as well. 

Wednesday, 30 March 2022

What's new and trying to survive after Covid lockdowns deviating my finances

I no longer making films but I do need to make some money. So far in 2022 I have made $38 from taking some scrap metal in and that's nowere near what I need to live on. I need to pay my car insurance $1200 and I need to buy gas to get around to find work.  Also my season campsite where I live for the summer months $3000. Money for food would also help. 

As I'm not looking for hand outs, I'm going to start offering autographed, limited photo quality 24" x 36" movie poster prints for $100 canadain. It includes world wide shipping. If your a true fan of my volunteer work and the films I use to make you can help me get back on my finacal feet again by buying a poster.  I may also start sell autographed 8x12 photo prints of my best photography. What are your thoughts? Please post your thoughts in the comments below or please feel free to email me Thank you for your support. 

Saturday, 26 February 2022

Covid Scare

14 days ago I had a huge Covid 19 scare. A family member was over visiting and the next day he found out someone in his family was postive for covid. I was in shock for days. Fisicaly shaking. It's now been 14 days and Im fine. No signs of covid. His family is fine and has recovered. All is well.

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Yes I'm still retired

I'm still retired from film making. I was thinking about going back to making films because I had chance meetings with actors from past productions saying how much they enjoyed working on the films. Also meet some parents of actors and they really appreciated all the work I did for them and their actors. They where very disappointed when I told them I had to retire do to Covid lockdowns. December January is the time of year I plan the new years productions so it's very hard to break 36 years of work pattern. Currently I have a huge income problem as in I'm flat broke with no possible job offers. I really need to focus on finding paid work that fits in with being my mom's care giver. Covid protection is also a huge factor in what kind of work I can do. I have medical complications so Covid would be very deadly to me if I contract it. Had that big scare earlier this week. Still have 10 days to see if I caught something or not.

Friday, 28 January 2022

Website Problems

I'm haveing problems with the website program so I'm not going to easet the few dollars I have on website hosting. I need o figure out a new program or hirer someone like the webhosting company to build a website. I just dont have the money to do that right now so its just going to have to waite. For now I can just use the free blog again.

Friday, 21 January 2022

Watching the news,

I have been watching the news the last few days. Seems like covid is cuasing alot of problems out there. Who knows what this summer will look like. Things maybe all in lock down agian. I saw a posting somewhere that the last pandemic lasted 10 years. This one may stick around for a while. So if there is no filmin gthis summer, then so be it. I can always try agian next year. In the mean time while we are waiting for the pandemic to end, I need to start making some money. Im going to start making my film scripts into ebooks. If anyone is intrested in buying a copy please email me so I know at least one person would be intrested in buyin ga copy. Thank you for your suport.